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Turning an idea into a multi-tenant SaaS platform.

No one wants to think about death. Especially their own.

But avoiding the topic often leaves loved ones with problems long after the funeral. Estate planning simplifies what comes next, ensures assets end up in the right hands, and cuts through legal red tape.

Unfortunately for law firms, piecing an estate plan together can be a nightmare of paperwork and incomplete information.

One lawyer from Indianapolis wanted to change that.


Brian A. Eagle founded his law firm Eagle & Fein in 1992. In addition to being an author and educator, he’s no stranger to estate planning. He quickly learned that linking the ownership of client assets and beneficiary designations per the estate plan often doesn’t happen. And that’s when plans fell apart.

What attorneys needed was a solution that streamlined the process and allowed clients to put all their documents in a single, secure location.

His forward-thinking approach led to the creation of Connect2A, a digital estate planning platform. It launched back in 2000 and served its purpose for over 20 years.

However, over time the UI became outdated. The platform was also difficult to use and maintain. It was time for a fresh start.

Brian approached Reusser about building a brand-new solution that could revolutionize the estate planning industry. This wasn’t a retooled version of Connect2A. It would be an entirely different platform that incorporated new ideas along with everything learned over the previous two decades.

Inheralink branding 03


Branding is foundational. That’s why we started with our brand workshop, which helped discover and solidify who the company wanted to be. In these early stages, it’s essential to identify that brand story.

First up, we needed a name. After discussing values and the industry with the client, we all agreed on Inheralink, a combination of the words “inheritance” and “link.”

From there, we developed other elements:

  • Logo

  • Tagline

  • Brand book

  • Mood board

These established the brand identity which carried through the entire project.


Our developers got to work and built Inheralink into a robust, multi-tenant SaaS platform.

This solution could be used by attorneys, their clients, family members, and any collaborating advisors. It offered a variety of different features:

  • Custom client reports

  • Secure document vaults

  • Direct messaging

  • Questionnaires for onboarding

  • Defined permission roles for different users

And many more.

From this single code base, law firms all over the country could begin updating and optimizing their estate planning process with the simplicity of Inheralink.

With all this sensitive information, security was an obvious priority, so we leveraged a third-party security auditing service.

Instead of taking the project from start to finish before handing it over to the client, Reusser took an agile approach. We worked in sprints on a specific component, reviewed with the client, incorporated any feedback, and started another sprint.

This created a great sense of collaboration between everyone involved. We were able to quickly add new solutions, fix bugs, and incorporate fresh ideas.

As with any idea for a SaaS platform, it wasn’t fully formed on day one. It evolved. We worked alongside the client to deliver a platform that was exactly what they wanted.


Eagle & Fein wouldn’t be the only firm putting Inheralink to work. But even the best tool can’t sell itself.

We designed, wrote, and developed a site that allowed the client to begin promoting the platform. Overall, we kept the site concise but made sure to outline the key benefits, describe how it worked, and invite potential customers to take a tour.

To aid the sales team, we also wrote, storyboarded, and produced a series of five videos. They addressed pain points and clearly stated how Inheralink solved those problems.


The numbers on this project speak for themselves. They’re massive.

When we finished, we didn’t just take a breath before moving on to the next one. We celebrated with confetti cannons.

Projects of all sizes get our full attention, but as the biggest project in Reusser history, this one will always be special.

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