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Ultra Electronics

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Helping to Protect our Country: One App at a Time

When Ultra Electronics contacted us they were looking to partner with a local web development agency that could help them bring a user-friendly interface to their many complex technology offerings. After working with Ultra Electronics on multiple projects, we were able to deliver the technical consulting and support that was necessary to take their entire ecosystem of technology to the next level.


Ultra Electronics was looking for a local app developer and chose Reusser based on a simple Google search showcasing Reusser at the top of the list. They wanted a local team to handle technical projects and support. This “cold call” finding has developed into a long-term relationship and multiple projects for USSI.

Because we were able to come in at a very early stage in their product planning and development, we have been able to have a fundamental role in shaping the course of their projects. After consulting with the client and working with their engineering team and internal system analysts, we were able to quickly and efficiently architect a system that went immediately to market as a software product.


Ultra Electronics has a strong reputation for being an expert when it comes to hardware within the defense industry. Our challenge was to uphold this reputation by providing software solutions that seamlessly matched that level of expertise. This was a challenge made even more difficult by the fact that customers were demanding the product on a very tight timeline. Working within these restrictions forced us to become laser-focused on the task at hand - delivering high quality solutions while still respecting the client’s timeline.

The project itself was also very technical in nature, requiring us to work hand-in-hand with Ultra Electronic’s internal team to develop API protocols to communicate with their complex hardware systems.

Delivering Innovative Solutions

Because we were brought on so early in the technical process, we were able to custom develop a solution for Ultra Electronics that was specifically catered to their unique needs. Ultra Electronics had emphasized how important user design would be, so we made sure to pay extra attention to the subtleties of the user design within every interface that was presented. Ultra Electronics’ existing products didn’t have a focus on user interface and this shortcoming made them even more aware of the importance of clean, modern technology.

At the end of our first round of projects, Ultra Electronics was pleased that we were able to deliver a solution to meet their needs that was delivered both ahead of schedule and in budget. More than that, our expertise in UX design delivered the technology that they needed with an added personal touch.

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