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Silver Birch Living

Services Provided
  • Print Media
  • Social Media
  • Copywriting
  • SEO
  • Paid Media
  • Performance Testing

Growing a digital footprint with a multi-location SEO strategy

Silver Birch Living is a family of affordable assisted living communities with nine locations in Indiana. Despite having a wide reach across the state, their digital presence lagged behind. When potential customers queried terms related to senior living communities, Silver Birch Living did not consistently appear in the results.

Improving search engine performance with content and quick wins.

​Our Approach

Our first step was performing an in-depth audit. Reusser did not build the Silver Birch Living website, so establishing a baseline of strengths and weaknesses was crucial. This analysis uncovered a common problem. Although aesthetically pleasing, the site suffered from technical issues and a disregard for many best practices. Rather than recommening an entire site rebuild, we believed correcting these problems would result in an immediate organic lift.

"You don’t have to completely redesign your website to see a lift in your organic visibility. By laying a good foundation, you can see a big improvement."
Katie Hecox, Lead Digital Strategist
Silver birch digital marketing 2

​The Solution

Using the audit as a roadmap, we addressed the technical issues by:

  • Fixing broken links and forms
  • Adjusting the site map
  • Rewriting meta titles and descriptions
  • Improving site speed
  • Ensuring the site complied with Google’s Core Web Vitals

Content creation is another key component of SEO. In particular, we wrote about the specific geographic locations and answered common questions visitors asked when considering senior living communities

Finally, we optimized the Google Ads account by improving keyword relevancy and reducing the cost per click.

136 %
increase in Google Ads clicks

The number of clicks increased while the cost per click decreased by $1.18.


We have been able to expand our partnership with the assisted living community and have taken on additional responsibilities such as website management, digital advertising, design assistance, lead generation campaigns, and consultation as the organization moves into new markets.

In just three months, Silver Birch’s digital footprint showed considerable growth:

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17.22 %
Average Increase in Local visibility per location

Local visibility improved for all nine locations, ranging from 12% to 27%.

10 %
increase in SEMrush site health score

Every technical improvement added to overall site health, including a 100% score in passing Google’s Core Web Vitals algorithm update

66.06 %
increase in total site sessions

Organic, paid, and social traffic rose quarter over quarter.

"Reusser went above and beyond my expectations of an agency. The digital team's clear communication, willingness to teach, and overall positive energy made it feel like I was working with a team of my own rather than an agency. They not only exceeded our organic reach goals with improved SEO, but they also provided a helping hand with our paid advertising and lead generation campaigns."
Raven Johnson, Marketing Assistant
Silver Birch Living
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